Friday, March 31, 2006

Public service events

Join me with Dave Jenkins, N1MXV as we discuss preparation for helping with public service events such as the Boston Marathon.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

1296 moonbounce??? (Part I)

Believe it or not, you can bounce your signal off the moon using commonly available parts, mostly from your local hardware store. I interviewed Marc, N2UO, about his work in this area. Marc gave a spellbinding presentation at Atlanticon 2006 titled "Homebrewing a 1296 MHz Earth-Moon-Earth Station". I present it here in two parts: part one and look for the conclusion just down the page. See a short biography of Marc here.

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Marc's home page is .

1296 Moonbounce (part II)

Listen to part II of my interview with Marc here.

Go take that ham radio exam!

Listen to my interview with Nancy, N1OEZ, who has given over one hundred ham radio tests. After hearing this, you won't have any fear of taking the test.

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N1OEZ on
VEC program at ARRL
KSU Amateur Club, and info about taking the test

Homebrew HF antenna: $25

Listen to my converstaion with Dave, N1MXV, about his weekend project of building a 20-meter vertical, from Home Depot parts and ordinary hand tools. Total cost of parts: $25. Talking across the Atlantic: priceless!

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N1MXV on


Have you ever wondered what a DX-pedition was like? Ever wondered what it is? Scott, NE1RD, tells us about his trip to the US Virgin Islands in March 2006.

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NE1RD on
Scott's DX-pedition article
Buddipole Antennas

Buying your first ham radio?

Buying your first radio? Listen to Peter from HRO talk about some things you should consider.

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KI1M on
Manufacturer's page from HRO (top right of page)