Saturday, April 10, 2010

Masscon 2010 - proceedings (1110)

This is the fourth presentation that we listened to during the Masscon 2010 event in Westford, MA USA during the weekend of March 12-13, 2010.

Chuck Kitchin, N1TEV, presents "Updating Classic Regenerative and Super Regenerative Circuits" to an enthusiastic audience at Masscon. Part of the fun of this presentation, of course, is the associated materials presented via overhead projector. But you can get most of the content from the audio portion that we present here.

The advance materials described the talk like this:

Modern components allow Hams to modify the classic regenerative and super regenerative designs of the past. Ham radio experimentation is an excellent electronics teaching tool (as well as being FUN) and can lead to new discoveries in radio communications. This talk will cover the theory and modern applications of these classic circuits.

We are glad that they used the word "fun" because this presentation was great for so many reasons, and it really was fun, too!

Conference materials can be found here.