Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spark an interest in someone

During Atlanticon 2006, I talked with my friend Omar, KW7OS, about differences between homebrew radios in the 1960's and in the 2000's. The short version is that you can still do it, easily, and inexpensively.

Omar's ham radio background started with a childhood interest, probably playing no small part finding himself as a grown-up engineer working for NASA, among other places.

This conversation started with "What kind of stuff have you done in your ham radio career that other people might want to try?"

Omar's info on QRZ.COM is at

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Brent Bushong said...

And, just for the record, the interest could be sparked in someone that is even closer to you than a friend - my dad, for example, had me licensed by the age of 9. Prodigal? Hardly, but how many third-graders these days can copy code and identify antennas? It gets the brain going, for sure, and gives a definite sense of pride to younger folks...give it a shot!