Friday, August 18, 2006

Hello, Radio!

I recently visited ARRL headquarters, and I spoke with Allen Pitts, W1AGP. Allen is the League's Media and Public Relations Manager, and is the driving force for the new Hello campaign (see show notes below). This is the ARRL's first coordinated program of its kind ever, and is designed to get new people into the hobby, both young and old. Bonus: the PSA is appended to the end of this podcast!

Show notes

ARRL is at
Allen's bio is at
The "Hello" page is

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Norm WA4ZXV said...

Great piece of work! Thanks Dave for making Allen sound good. I know it was a challenge.

Amateur Radio is a great service or hobby or both. Sometimes even after 40 years of HAM life, I get a funny feeling when I realize that my station is an island on this big planet of ours. All I need is a battery and a piece of wire hanging out the back of my radio, and I am able to talk (not necessarily voice communications) with other islands all over the world. Sure, I can't talk to every other station in every other country every time I sit down behind the radio. But, during ARRL Field Day, our club (Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society along with the Gwinnett ARES) worked all states and several countries. So in an emergency, we would be able to contact some other station to send or receive messages. This is without a telephone company, an Internet service provider, a power company or a commercial broadcast station. Just us and our radios!

On the hobby side, it's continuously changing. If you tend to want to keep up, you must read, research, attend meetings and network. We touch so many sciences and technologies that there is always something to do. Satellite, digital, internet, computer, video, audio and a list of other modes are all included in the spectrum of HAM Radio. Or you are welcome to join the ranks as a lurker, just use the basics and enjoy the conversation, contests or public service.

On the networking or fellowship side, many of us meet regularly both physically and on the radio to brag, discuss our own activities and even listen to others explain what they have been working on. Often I pick up great ideas on improving my station or community wide Amateur Radio activities when I stop talking long enough to listen. Yes, like so many other groups, don't expect to show up the first time and leave as a "member of the gang". It takes some commitment and "stick-to-it-ness", but the rewards can be great.

The ARRL with Allen at the wheel is doing a lot to get the word out about Amateur Radio. The Hello-Radio campaign web site is a great place to visit for both experienced Hams and those interested in becoming Hams. For the experienced, it's a reminder. For the newly interested, or interested that haven't been able to get involved, it's a great starting point.

If you're a Ham, help spread the word!
If you're not a Ham and interested, take a look at the web site.
If you've have questions, send one of us a note, we'll be glad to Ham it up.

Norm Schklar, WA4ZXV,

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