Thursday, September 07, 2006

Only for women: the YLRL

The Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) is a very serious, very fun, and very active group on the air. Today I talked with Anne Manna WB1ARU about the YLRL and why women should get on the air.

BTW, guys should plan for these contests. Even if we don't get points (sometimes we do), just striking up a QSO will attract others to the frequency, of course.

There are upcoming contests - give it a listen!!!

Show notes

YLRL is at
WRONE is at


Anonymous said...

I have been a Ham for over 31 years, and I have belonged to YLRL for most of those years. It's a wonderful way to meet terrific women around the world, and give to your community in times of need. I was with the first group of women to attend the International Conference in Stockholm, Sweden in 1990, In October we will gather in Mumbai, India for the the eighth time. We have met in Toyko, Berlin, New Zealand, Svalbard, Norway, Palermo, Scicly, Seoul, and the next comference in July 2008 will be in Helsinki, Finland. This is a wonderful way to meet women face to face from all over the world and learn about customs in other countries. de WD8DQG/7

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Anne abd WD8DQG/7. This hobby has been a definite asset to me and I have formed lasting friendships around the world. YLRL has been instrumental in this endeavor and I hope to be an active part of the organization for many years. I encourage all YL's to get active on the air de WB3EFQ