Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeff's Walk

Today I talked with Jeff Johnson, VK4XJJ on the phone about his cross-country walk.

He had ham radio along for the ride -- among other things.

Jeff was raising money for charity in the process of this 2,500 km "walkabout".

Show notes (many lifted from Jeff's site):

eBook now available. Five months backpacking over 2,500kms across Oz with 5W FT-817nd US$5.

Association (NSW) Inc.

Other DeafBlind Links

Walking Club Links

Institute of Australia


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Dave Bushong said...

I heard from Jeff since this posting went up, and he was kind enough to offer yet another source for links, this time, for some 240 photos. You have to sit down and plan to look at these for a few minutes! Jeff said

There are 240 photos on my web pages starting at