Saturday, July 22, 2006

On Target

This was fun (I always say that). I talked via telephone bridge, with John Blackham, N7TEK, Doug Brewer, and Kip Buckner, KC7OXX, about a project called On Target. This program is affiliated with the Boy Scouts. Among other things, they get the Scouts to climb mountains and signal each other using extremely high frequency signals in the area of 500 nM wavelength.

OK, they use reflected sunlight, with signal mirrors. But, they use ham radio as an integral part of on-site coordination, in order to make sure that people are looking the right diretion for the flashes of light. Many hams are involved in this, and they could use some more of us (hint, hint).

Question for you: how far do you think it's possible to send a message using a signal mirror? One mile? Five miles? Fifty? The answer is in this podcast.

Show notes

On Target main page is and has plenty of great links

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