Sunday, July 30, 2006

This is wild. And we track it.

I talked with JoeMoell, K0OV (Kilo Zero Oscar Victor, sorry about the font here) about using direction finding techniques for following the migratory patterns of birds. It's amazing how (ham) radio technology can make our other hobbies even more fun. But there is more. Not only is this something that my XYL approves of, but...

At the very end of this podcast you will hear a bird chirping. I swear that this was the way it happened in real time. For clarity, I boosted the audio (6 dB), but this bird chirped just after Joe and I finished talking. Sounds to me like the bird world approved of this interview. I hope you approve of it also.

Show notes

Joe's home page is at

A great place to start, lots of links there!

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