Monday, July 31, 2006

Conversation with Morse

Diana Morse, KB3NNP just got her Technician license, and we talk about how she got into the hobby, including all the support from her local club. She loves Morse code because it's fun, and not just because she is related to Samuel Morse, for whom Morse code is named.

Show notes

Morse code practice at
Polar Bears at


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave and the 99 Hobbies Listening Group,

Great show, hope this will inspire other people to go after their ticket.

Keep up the Great work!!!

72 and Thanks,
Ron Polityka de WB3AAL

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

The interview with Diana Morse, KB3NNP, is the best I've heard in years! Keep up the great work.
You nailed what amateur radio is all about with her! I have listened to it several times now.


Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable to listen to. The woman seems to be very excited about her new hobby. Very good interview and highly entertaining.